Air Blower Engine Assembly

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As part of Creo Parametric training designed a functioning air blower engine assembly composed of an air blower with an impeller and housing as well as a two-stroke engine assembly with a functioning piston assembly and crankshaft.

Key Components of the Assembly: 1. Air Blower Unit: This component compromises of an intricately deisgn impeller and housing. The impeller is designed to allow for sufficient air circulation, and the housing is designed to ensure airtight sealing and directed airflow. 2. Two-Stroke Engine: The heart of this assembly is the two-stroke engine, engineered to demonstrate a functional piston assembly and crankshaft. Leveraging Creo's simulation ability, I created a piston that moves within a cylinder simulating the precise motion of a real-world engine.

Function of the Assembly: The assembly operates as follows: The air blower unit draws in air as the impeller spins. The impeller is directly linked to the crankshaft, and this connection extends to the connecting rod. Consequently, as the connecting rod rotates along the crankshaft, it facilitates the reciprocating motion of the piston, forming an integral part of the two-stroke engine's operation.

Skills Demonstrated: 3D Modeling, Technical Drawings, Assembly Tolerancing, and Functional Simulation