Supercharger Coupler

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During my time at Sam's Import Auto Repair, we had a 2016 Range Rover Sport with a supercharged V8 come in. The customer came in with a quote from the local dealership stating that the supercharger needed to be replaced because of a loud, groaning and rattling noise. I completed my independent diagnosis and found that the original spring-loaded supercharger coupler had failed. I was able to take apart the Eaton supercharger and design my supercharger coupler manufactured out of Delrin to ensure it was long-lasting. I replaced the faulty coupler, reassembled the supercharger, and was able to save the customer thousands of dollars in the process.

Design Choices: I chose to 3D print the coupler out of Delrin as it has good tensile strength and stiffness, making it capable of handling high loads and stresses that occur in the supercharger system. It also has great dampening properties to help minimize vibration and reduce noise to minimize the "supercharger drone".

Function of the Part: The primary purpose of the supercharger coupler is to transfer rotational power from the engine crankshaft to the supercharger gear, which in turn spins the supercharger rotors. It also helps absorb shock and vibration from driving, protecting the supercharger gears and rotors. It also allows for some misalignment between engine and supercharger from manufacturing tolerances or engine movement.

Skills Demonstrated: 3D Modeling, Problem-Solving, Automotive Diagnostics and Repair