Soda Can Crusher

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As part of an advanced mechanism simulation course, I embarked on a project to design and analyze a dynamic soda can crusher. This project aimed to measure and understand the forces at play during the crushing process of a can, providing valuable insights into its performance.

Key Components of the Assembly:
Can Crusher Base: The foundation of the assembly providing stability and support.
Stand: Elevates the crusher to a suitable height for operation.
Arm: The critical link between the stand and crusher, enabling controlled motion.
Span: Connecting the arm and crusher, ensuring a precise and secure fit.
Crusher: The crushing element itself which will be exhibiting the force.
Handle: Used to control the crusher's motion.
crew: A component used for assembly to hold other parts together.
Can: The infamous Coca-Cola can, our target of crushing.

Function of the Assembly: The Can Crusher Mechanism operates by engaging the user through the CC Handle. When activated, it translates this input into controlled motion, with the CC Arm and Span facilitating the dynamic crushing process on the Can. During this operation, various forces come into play, impacting both the Can and the Mechanism. My project aimed to accurately measure and analyze these forces in dynamic motion, shedding light on the mechanical behavior of the assembly.

Skills Demonstrated: 3D Modeling, Mechanism Simulation, Dynamic & Force Analysis