Vehicle CANBUS Analysis Software in Simulink

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I developed a specialization CANBUS analysis software using Simulink, leveraging the Simulink Vehicle Network Toolbox. I developed the software during my time as Automotive Diagnostic Manager at Sam's Import Auto Repair. The software was tailored for mid 1990s model year Mercedes vehicles to aid in diagnosis and repair of these vehicles as I found them to be quite troublesome to diagnose and repair.

More Info: The software featured CAN and CAN FD protocol support for establishing connections to the CAN bus. It also had online/offline data logging capabilities to allow for around the clock monitoring of systems by vehicle technicians. The software also features custom decoding logic to interpret CAN messages to present an easily understandable output for technicians to use in their diagnosis and repair.
This project allowed me to demonstrate my proficiency in Simulink and Vehicle Network Toolboxes, enabling more efficient troubleshooting and maintenance of older vehicles.

Skills Demonstrated: MATLAB/Simulink, CANBUS systems, Data Analysis, Cross-Functional Collaboration