Zachary Abboud


Mechanical Engineer with interests in design and simulation.

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About Me


Passionate about mechanical engineering with a focus in simulation & design, I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Bradley University. I am expected to graduate in May of 2024.

  • My Skills Include: Design Engineering, 3D Modeling, Simulation, Control System Design, GD&T Analysis, Programming in Java and Python


Job Experience

Design Engineering Intern
Komatsu America Corp.
(May 2023 - Aug. 2023)
Electronics Lab Tech. Intern
Caterpillar Inc.
(Nov. 2022 - May 2023)
Automotive Diagnostic Manager
Sam's Import Auto Repair
(Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2022)


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Bradley University
Peoria, IL
Minor in Data Science
Graduation: May 2024

Personal Info

I grew up always being hands-on, from working as a contractor with my father to learning and working on cars in highschool. I was always taking these things apart and attempting to put them back together. The fundamentals of both these trades come back to solving a problem, which has propelled my love for engineering and problem-solving, leading me to where I am today.

Design Projects

Design Project

Air Blower Engine Assembly

As part of my Creo Parametric training, I developed a fully functioning air blower engine assembly. The assembly features an air blower with an housing and an impeller which drives the crankshaft of a two-stroke engine assembly. I developed additional components to go with the model including a carburetor, a muffler, etc.

Design Project

Soda Can Crusher

As part of a mechanism simulation course, I developed a fully functional soda can crusher mechanism. The mechanism features a base stand, a arm, and a crusher put together in one assembly. A dynamic analysis was also conducted on the crushing of the can to see how much force is exhibited on the can.

Design Project

Supercharger Coupler

Designed and manufactured a supercharger coupler for use in a 2016 Range Rover V8 Eaton supercharger for a customer at Sam's Import Auto Repair as a replacement for a defective spring-loaded coupler.

Design Project

Mechanical Scissor Lift

Developed a scissor lift capable of safely and efficiently handling dynamic loads during vertical motion and maintaing stability while stationary and elevated. Simulation was used to model the dynamic load abilities while the scissor lift was going up and down. Also the static load capability of the scissor lift was tested with it being in its max height and its base position.
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Simulation & Analysis Projects


Vehicle CANBUS Analysis Software in Simulink

I developed specialized CANBUS analysis software using Simulink. The software was developed for pre-OBD2 vehicles to aid technicians in diagnosis and repair. It featured CAN and CAN FD protocol support for establishing connections to the CAN bus, data logging capabilities, and custom decoding logic for interpreting CAN messages.

Simulation and Report

Saturn V Rocket Launch Model

In this project, I created a computational model to simulate the launch of the Saturn V rocket. The model was developed based on a system of three thrusters responsible for propelling the rocket into lunar orbit.

Simulation and Presentation

Dynamics of an Active Suspension Coil Spring

As part of my system dynamics class, I modeled a coil spring as part of an active suspension system. I was able to model the steady-state response of the coil spring to different road disturbances.


Ackermann Steering Model

Developed MATLAB simulation scripts to provide a better understanding of Ackermann steering geometry and tire characteristics. I created accurate models to visualize the impact of steering angles, wheel base, and tire properites on vehicle performance. These simulations enabled my team to draw valuable insights into vehicle behavior during turns.


Structural Analysis of Engine Block Support

As an enhancement to the two-stroke engine assembly for the air blower, I engineered a robust support structure for the engine block. Subsequently, I conducted a comprehensive structural analysis to simulate the operational conditions and usage of the engine. Throughout this process, I iterated designs multiple times to optimize it and ensure its ability to withstand stress without deformation.
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Modal Analysis of Valve Cover

Performed a modal analysis on a valve cover assembly to evaluate feasability of changing its material from aluminum to ABS plastic and understanding the resulting alterations in natural frequencies and mode shapes. Also delved into the effects of geometry modifications on the valve cover's natural frequencies and structural behavior.
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In Progress


Design Projects & Programs

Miscellaneous Projects

A group of miscellaneous projects ranging from design projects to simulations and programs. A lot of these are passion projects of mine or some project I created to fullfill a need.

Design, Simulation, and Report

Tractor-Trailer Landing Gear Project (Senior Design)

Senior Design Project to be completed by May 2024.

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